Resident Services

We provide dynamic services to enhance the lives of the families, seniors, and people with special needs who live in our communities.
During the current health crisis, Linc is only hosting the most crucial programs, including food bank distribution and resource referrals. To support this vital work, please volunteer or give to Neighbors Care COVID-19 Relief.

Our Programs

Typically, our programs are offered at no cost right where residents live — which uniquely positions our resident services team to create positive outcomes and opportunities for those we serve. Activities include: after-school and summer programs for youth, health classes, job skills support, financial empowerment workshops, community-building events, and outings that help residents stay connected to their communities. Linc works to make our communities a place where residents gain housing stability and support toward economic mobility.

Resident services coordinators are assigned directly to communities to build relationships with residents, assess needs, provide resources, and facilitate services. We partner with volunteers, local organizations and businesses, and charitable foundations to help build on our residents' strengths and create stronger communities overall.

Our Programs

Youth & Family Services
Our youth enrichment focus includes of after-school and summer programs as well as one-to-one tutoring, allowing children to receive individualized attention and a positive relationship with a mentor. Adult education and family programs include classes such as job readiness, résumé building, financial empowerment, ESL, and computer skills.

Our Programs

Community Building &
Civic Engagement
Onsite activities such as game nights and special holiday celebrations build a safe space for residents to get to know each other, feel supported, learn practical life skills, and access available community resources to achieve stability. Residents become empowered, take ownership over shaping onsite programs, and get involved in the community at large.

Our Programs

Supportive Services
Our staff provides individualized support to help residents achieve and maintain housing stability. We work with seniors to successfully age in place, assist transition age youth in gaining life skills, and support families encountering unexpected challenges. As part of this effort, we identify and provide referrals to local resources that meet our residents' needs.

Our Programs

Health & Wellbeing
Linc promotes healthy living for our residents. Activities such as health fairs, community resource referral, and health classes build networks of support, access, and awareness for families. Our seniors participate in fitness programs and health education workshops. And residents of all ages learn more about healthy eating through nutrition classes.

Our Programs

Partnership and collaboration help us deliver effective services to our residents. The resident services team initiates and manages these collaborations, including working with local businesses, service organizations, and university internship programs. For more information on working with us, please contact Joseph at or 562-684-1129.

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