Our Impact

At Linc, property development is a catalyst for neighborhood growth and revitalization. And our resident services team puts residents first and partners with them in problem solving. Linc Housing is immensely grateful for our many partners, whose support helps us achieve our mission to build communities and strengthen neighborhoods.

Hitting Our Stride

Linc Housing has marched steadily forward for decades. Now, we celebrate hitting our stride like never before as we increase the number of homes in the pipeline, demonstrate flexibility and compassion, and plan strategically for more impact in the coming years.

For the last few years, Linc has been adding homes to the community at a record pace. We have had at least eight properties under construction each year, and Linc currently has another dozen projects in predevelopment as far north as Eureka and as far south as San Diego.

“We are so proud of our team for their commitment and drive to help us achieve our mission and advance our efforts to house and care for the most vulnerable among us.”

Suny Lay Chang, President & COO

"We see Linc communities as places for transformation and the entrance to economic mobility for our residents."
Rebecca F. Clark, Chief executive officer

Linc By The Numbers


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national rank among developers on affordable housing finance's top 50 list

Ten Years of Evolving Supportive Services

We know our work is impossible without a vast network of partners.

Linc staff invest time in knowing the joys, needs, and concerns of our residents. We created a successful collaborative model by meeting monthly with all partners - property management, county representatives, Linc staff, and other service providers - to discuss how things are going for each supportive housing resident and the property overall.

What began as building spaces to exercise, have community gardens, and facilitate civic engagement has evolved into providing increasingly more intentional services - all thanks to early efforts at Seasons at Compton, which opened in 2011. The supportive communities we've built and creative ideas we've tested allow us to embrace big challenges, like those we've faced throughout the pandemic. We've also learned to leverage new ways of doing things to better serve our residents and have expanded supportive services to 26 communities.
“I participated in the program from kindergarten to 7th grade, and I always loved the volunteers and how they made me feel. Once I was old enough, I knew I wanted to have the same impact on my young neighbors."
diane, resident volunteer

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Seeing Residents Hit Their Stride

Time and intention are essential to creating our authentic communities. We build the housing so people have a safe and healthy environment. We provide support through services that help ensure stability. We empower residents to take responsibility for their community and to chart their own futures, including giving back - which builds confidence and provides experiences they can use for career exploration and development.

Community building events, such as gardening and resiliency classes, have been connecting residents to the resources available at their Linc communities and inspiring fresh visions of what they can accomplish from the foundation of their new home.

“At Linc, we've been intentional about how we progress through these steps, focusing on listening to residents and recognizing their diverse needs, skills, and talents.”

Joseph Cabral, Resident Services Program Manager

Linc Impact Report

We invite you to read through our impact reports to gain a deeper understanding
of what we do and why our work is so important.

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