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A Foundation for a Better Future – Meet Imara

When you’re homeless with two children, life is stressful. Imara, now a resident at LINC’s Pepperwood Apartments, was at a loss for how to provide for her 9 and 13 year olds. After spending a year living with a relative, she was asked to find a new home. She had nowhere to go and no other family to help her. Her part-time employer was able to help her find shelter during the nights, but she had to leave every morning. That’s no life for anyone, especially school-age children who need to attend school each day. Imagine their day-to-day anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, in summer 2015, Imara was able to secure an apartment at Pepperwood Apartments thanks to the affordable rent. She and her children finally had a roof over their heads, but they still didn’t have a true “home.” During a standard inspection, the property manager discovered that Imara’s family had no furniture other than a dining room table. Their limited income was used each month for basic necessitates such as rent, food, and clothing. It didn’t take long for staff to call on the Welcome Home program to provide beds to this family in need. “I’m very happy for the kids to not have to sleep on the floor, and they are so excited for the new beds,” said Imara.

Imara continues to work part-time so she can provide for her family. Now that she has permanent housing and she is coming out of “survival mode,” Imara can begin to focus on the future. She and her children participate in LINC Cares activities and programs, including the recent financial literacy classes. Her hope is to find a reliable full-time job and to return to school. LINC Housing, LINC Cares and Welcome Home have helped give her the foundation she needs to secure a brighter future for herself and her children.

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