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Let the Rain Fall – Meet Deborah

Living in your car would be difficult for anyone, but being a diabetic makes it even more challenging. Deborah, who worked in healthcare administration, lost her job during the recession. She, along with her two children and now, one grandchild, lived with family as she struggled with her health and finding a steady job that paid enough to meet their expenses. When there was a death in the family, the situation became even more difficult, and her family of four ended up homeless. "The hardest part was having to watch my baby granddaughter sleep in a cold car at night," said Deborah. "And it was also difficult to store my medicine and manage my diabetes."

For Deborah, living in a car with her daughter and granddaughter was a source of near-constant stress and shame. And it wasn’t easy to seek help. Deborah feared that, if she called Child Protective Services, the state would rip her children away. The experience of living without a home also affected her health.

After more than a year living in motels and their car, Deborah's family connected with case workers at Union Station Homeless Services and Foothill Unity Center. "I was afraid and ashamed," she said. "But I knew we needed help." They had experienced many denials as they searched for a permanent home. When she learned that they qualified to live at Mosaic Gardens at Pomona, she was shocked. "It's wonderful here," she said. "It felt unreal at first. I remember saying, 'kids, we're home.' I'm so happy to have a safe place for the baby."

Housing has finally given Deborah and her family a chance to feel safe and secure. “I used to hate the rain because I was afraid of being out in it, or getting sick,” she says. “Now I can sit inside and watch it. I love the rain now.”

Welcome Home