Our Residents
Working Green

The Palace
LINC is committed to sustainable building and providing our residents with healthy, energy efficient homes. With the support of our dedicated team of funders, architects, and contractors, The Palace has achieved a LEED-Homes Platinum rating. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification program, providing third-party verification that a building or community incorporates strategies aimed at reducing waste, increasing energy and water efficiency, and thoughtfully locating the project therefore reducing carbon emissions, attentively utilizing our natural resources, and improving indoor environmental quality.

The Palace includes the following LEED features:

•   Durability planning, management and construction strategies were utilized.
•   Building is located in a high transit corridor to encourage public transportation.
•   Building is located in an area with outstanding community resources within 1/2 mile of the site.
•   Erosion control measures were implemented during construction to minimize impact to the neighboring sites.
•   No invasive plants are used.
•   A cool roof is installed to reduce roof heat island effect.
•   Concrete and masonry construction minimizes pest intrusion to the building.
•   High-efficiency irrigation system is installed.
•   High efficiency toilets, lavatory faucets and showerheads are installed to reduce potable water usage.
•   Water efficient clothes washers are installed.
•   Energy performance of the building is designed to exceed the Title 24 baseline standard by 27.7%.
•   Thermal bypass inspection was adhered to in order to help minimize envelope leakage.
•   High-efficiency lighting is installed in the units.
•   A minimum of 75% of the construction waste was diverted from landfills.
•   Photovoltaic panels are designed to offset 14% of the building’s electrical usage.