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LINC Housing Corporation is one of California’s most productive nonprofit developers of affordable housing. With 23 years of service to families, seniors and local governments, LINC is dedicated to raising the supply of affordable housing to meet the state’s high level of demand. The organization provides the best local solution with its ability to incorporate quality design, asset management, residential services and innovative financial packaging.




LINC serves a number of cities throughout the state including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Ontario, Palm Springs, Redding, Whittier, Rancho Cucamonga, Redondo Beach and Compton. LINC most often works with the city planning departments and local redevelopment agencies with input from surrounding community groups. As a testimony to LINC’s commitment to the best local outcomes, the organization has received return invitations for future projects from 14 partnering cities.


Scope of Work


LINC builds and preserves affordable housing in every type of market throughout California including inner cities, rural communities and high-priced suburbs. Its approach focuses on quality design, well-managed properties and service-enriched housing. The company is equipped to develop affordable housing using new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of at-risk housing, and historic preservation.




LINC builds affordable housing communities that reflect California’s diversity.

  • 7% of LINC residents and 7% of the state’s population are African American
  • 10% of LINC residents and 11% of the state’s population are Asian American
  • 36% of LINC residents and 33% of the state’s population is Latino
  • Less than 1% of LINC residents and 1% of the state’s population are Native American
  • 47% of LINC residents and 48% of the state’s population are Caucasian
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