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LINC Housing Corporation Focuses on Providing
Quality Affordable Housing for Seniors and Families in California

LONG BEACH, Calif. — With more than 30 years in the affordable housing industry, LINC Housing Corporation (LINC) has helped create more than 7,500 homes in 73 communities throughout California. As one of the most productive nonprofit developers of affordable housing for seniors, families and special needs populations, LINC’s goal is to enhance the lives of its residents and the communities in which they live by increasing the supply of affordable, healthy, sustainable, well-managed, and service-enriched housing.

Rebecca Clark, LINC president and CEO, believes affordable housing is a quality-of-life issue for all Californians. “Some would argue that the high cost of housing is an economic issue, but it’s also a social issue,” said Clark. “When families and seniors must pay upwards of 60 to 70 percent of their income on rent, people are forced to make choices between shelter and food, shelter and clothing, or shelter and basic health care.”

Team Effort
LINC is committed to helping its community partners achieve the best local outcomes. The organization’s development, asset management, accounting, resident services, and support staff work together to deliver comprehensive service to communities. When development is completed, LINC’s asset management and accounting teams ensure that each property is maintained and kept within local regulatory requirements, while the LINC Cares resident services team works to improve residents’ social and economic well-being. LINC builds both the housing and social capital that are the basis of a sustainable community.

Industry Innovation and Leadership
Beyond its contribution to California’s supply of affordable housing, LINC is an ongoing contributor to the evolution of the industry. Several of LINC’s projects represent the leading edge in affordable housing design. An example is SEASONS at Compton, an affordable community that offers the unique residential blend of limited-income seniors, developmentally disabled adults, and seniors with developmentally disabled adult dependents. LINC was also among the first to integrate the principles of green building into the development of affordable communities.

In addition, LINC stands out as an innovator in financial packaging. The organization doesn’t work with a set of formulas as every project has different challenges, goals and objectives. “LINC has always looked for the most efficient way to finance each development,” said Clark. “Being innovative is more important than ever before as traditional sources of funding continue to shift and evolve.”

SEED Partners
SEED Partners, LLC is a mission-driven water and energy services company established by LINC in 2012. SEED’s mission is to bring sustainability to existing affordable multifamily housing communities throughout the country.

SEED Partners has specialized expertise in sustainable retrofits of multifamily housing. SEED’s work to date in retrofitting 18 of LINC Housing’s properties has resulted in $140,000 per year in savings on owner-paid energy and water costs. SEED has built relationships with utilities, government agencies, and other sustainability partners — all in its effort to thoroughly understand the regulations, unique challenges, and distinct opportunities inherent to bringing water and energy efficiency, and energy generation to multifamily properties.

Each retrofitted property will become more energy efficient, and support a “quadruple bottom line” that reduces owner and resident utility costs, creates healthier living conditions, saves building owners money on operations, and benefits the environment by reducing each building’s carbon footprint. SEED’s services include: energy audits/modeling; payback and life cycle cost analysis for improvements; project and construction management; measurement and verification; operations and maintenance training; and resident engagement programs.