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While studying to be a history teacher, Isela makes time twice a month to help pack and distribute food to our senior residents and community members at SEASONS at The Hoover in Whittier. Seniors can struggle with food access and the LINC Cares food bank offers onsite food distribution to address this need. Isela also goes out of her way to make connections with our residents. After Isela’s food bank shift, she can often be found sitting in the lobby talking to residents one-on-one. Like many dedicated LINC volunteers, Isela recognizes the importance of building relationships and making every individual feel valued and important.

Julie has been a dedicated and enthusiastic long-term volunteer with LINC Cares. She leads not one, but two arts and crafts activities for seniors at SEASONS at Anderson and East Street Apartments in Redding. Aside from the wide variety of thoughtful activities and lessons she designs for each community, Julie has helped to build lasting relationships that bring residents together on a regular basis. These engaging activities and social connections help seniors age in place in their communities.

Courtney started her role with LINC’s corporate office in Long Beach, supporting the human resources department. She says she chose to volunteer with LINC because she wanted to be part of the work we do in providing housing and services to our residents. Soon Courtney transitioned to assisting the resident services team – aligning her skills and interests even more closely with serving LINC’s residents. Once she transferred over, Courtney rolled up her sleeves and helped streamline many of the department’s ongoing projects. Her thoughtful perspective generated plenty of new ideas around community building and program development.

As a long-term volunteer in the after-school program at City Gardens Apartments in Santa Ana, Hai has contributed hundreds of hours of support and care to the community’s children. Dedication and enthusiasm are only two of the many great things Hai brings to the program and its students. His excellent math skills help the students to complete their homework while mastering the concepts at hand. Hai is so committed to the success of the students; he makes his assistance to the after-school program available via phone call on the days he is not around!

During his time as a student with Mosaic Gardens at Taylor Terrace’s after-school program, Daniel showed early leadership traits. He was always willing to step up and help his peers after he completed his homework. Once he started high school, David transitioned into a position as Youth Education Volunteer. Daniel’s commitment to volunteering doesn’t stop with the after-school program, he often translates for residents with property management and remains an overall great role model for the community’s youth. Daniel’s enthusiasm for helping others has made him an integral part of the community and aligns perfectly with his ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.