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I am very glad to be able shine a light on the outstanding volunteer service of Allison. When Allison first came to LINC back in March of 2010 she was a Junior at Los Osos High School. During her initial interview, she let us know that she was interested in getting involved as a Youth Education Volunteer. “I’ve always thought about being a teacher, I just love kids and want to help,” she said.
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It’s easy to recognize Jared’s contributions to LINC. He received our 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award for his service from December 2009 to September 2011 as a Graphic Design Volunteer. During this time, he became an integral member of our Corporate Development and Communications team. There is a good chance that if you looked at a LINC publication during that time period, you saw something that Jared crafted. Read More »

Creating community partners that grow with our organization and truly care about our residents is a major component of what makes our work at LINC so special. Lisa is a Senior Health Volunteer at SEASONS at The Hoover in Whittier and is just one example of this type of committed volunteer who makes LINC Cares resident services a part of her life. Read More »

Many people realize there are needs in the community, but for one reason or another can’t make the commitment to dive in and be part of the solution. Kamila, a Senior Health Volunteer with LINC Cares, had no such reservations about getting involved when she saw people in need. Starting in August of 2009 she had served as a dedicated volunteer at SEASONS at Ontario Apartments, a LINC community that houses more than 80 limited-income seniors. Read More »

It’s not often that LINC receives such generous volunteer support in so short a period of time. Steven and his production partner George combined to contribute more than 185 service hours between April and September of 2010 creating a video highlighting our senior health & wellbeing programs. Earlier in the year LINC Cares discussed the possibility of entering the Pepsi Refresh Project challenge. Read More »

High school is a stressful time for teenagers. Balancing friends, family responsibilities, grades, extracurricular activities, and college prerequisites isn’t easy, but Bertha, a teen resident at The Village at Beechwood, does all of this and more. Bertha understands the importance of giving back to her community and is committed to improving her neighborhood. Read More »

When Laura Clemons was laid off from her job in the media and entertainment digital technology field, she decided to take some time off to enjoy the holidays. She also decided it was time to find an opportunity to give back to the community. While searching on the Internet for volunteer opportunities, Laura came across LINC Cares and its call for volunteers to help at the Village at Beechwood’s after-school program. Read More »

Bebe MacDougall, a resident at SEASONS at La Quinta, had a fulfilling and busy life before retirement. She held many different jobs throughout Southern California including being a social worker, a teacher and serving as executive director for an Orange County community center. It’s no wonder that once she retired, it was a big adjustment. Then, in 2004, she became legally blind, making it even more difficult to keep her spirits up. Read More »