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Rahab moved into SEASONS at The Hoover in Whittier in September 2016. Prior to having this new home, Rahab has faced homelessness for seven years. She shares the following experience:

“I am very grateful for the wonderful resident services provided at SEASONS at the Hoover. I have received tremendous support. Twice a month I receive food from the food bank, I have gained computer skills, secured a part-time job and with assistance from staff I have found out how to reduce my utility costs. The property staff are friendly and attentive to any matters, large or small.”

Moving in with only a single bed, LINC helped Rahab secure other household essentials, including a microwave. “I am on cloud nine! I am so grateful she listened quietly and empathetically to my story. Now, I can heat my meals, reduce food costs and stretch my dollars even more”, shared Rahab. She is grateful for the support that helped her transition from homeless to her own one-bedroom apartment. “I now have the greatest view overlooking the tops of trees. I rejoice each morning when I pull back the blinds to see flocks of seagulls soar in the wind right before me. It’s amazing to live here.”