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Paul’s story illustrates the challenges many families face in meeting basic needs when the unexpected happens. At SEASONS at Compton, resident Paul reached out to Carrie, LINC Cares’ Resident Services Coordinator, for assistance in paying his electric bill that was two months past due. Paul was at risk of having his electricity shut off.

“My family and I went through a very difficult experience,” shared Paul. “My wife fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. It was a really scary experience… I still don’t understand what happened.” She was there for a whole month and then was transferred to a skilled nursing facility. Since that time, money had been extremely tight. “It’s been really challenging, a struggle to keep up month to month with rent, utilities, and food,” Paul says. The stress of managing expenses took a toll on Paul’s health as well; he was hospitalized after he collapsed. But worrying about his health on top of budgeting only compounded Paul’s stress. It was the electric bill that he fell behind in first. “I felt ashamed to ask for help because my mother always narrated to us (my sister and I) that we must always work and pay our bills.” Paul finally built up the courage to ask Carrie for assistance. She helped him identify emergency assistance to help pay the bill before Paul’s electricity was turned off. Carrie provided the personalized support Paul needed, “She walked me step by step on what I needed to do and she called me every day to make sure that I did what I had to do,” said Paul. “I am very thankful for everything that Carrie did in helping me pay my electric bill … if it weren’t for social services here at SEASONS at Compton, I don’t know what I would have done.” Now Paul is one of the many residents who knows the deep commitment LINC Cares has to helping them tackle life’s challenges.