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LINC Cares Resident Services
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Youth & Family Services
Our Youth Enrichment component consists of after-school and summer programs as well as one-to-one tutoring. During the critical hours between 3:00 and 6:00 pm, when children are most likely to be victimized or participate in criminal activity, the LINC Cares after-school programs provide homework assistance, arts and crafts activities, and a chance to participate in organized recreation. These programs keep children safe, help working families improve their students’ academic and emotional development, and provide enjoyable recreation to the youth in our communities. Tutoring allows children to receive individualized attention as well as a positive relationship with a mentor.

Our family programs include classes in subjects such as job readiness, résumé building, financial literacy, ESL, and computer courses.

Resource & Referrals
LINC Cares builds on the strengths of each community that we serve by identifying local resources that cater to our residents’ needs. LINC Cares staff ensures information on these resources is available to our residents and partners with these agencies to set up referrals and coordinate activities and educational workshops to help achieve the best community outcomes.

Health & Wellbeing
LINC Cares Health and Wellbeing Program is a collection of services designed to promote healthy living among both our family and senior residents. For families, networks of support, access, and awareness are built through activities such as health fairs, community resource referral, and other community engagement activities. Our seniors participate in various fitness programs like tai chi, water aerobics, chair exercise, and walking groups. They also learn more about healthy eating through nutrition classes.