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LINC Cares programs for youth provided at LINC’s family properties help children access educational resources and personalized support. Andres’ mother, Griselda came to one of LINC Cares’ Family Nights at Mosaic Gardens at Taylor Terrace in Sacramento and asked LINC Cares’ Resident Services Coordinator Diana about the progress her child was making academically while attending our after-school program. Diana told Griselda that Andres was doing very well in math but needed improvement in writing. Griselda had noticed Andres’ challenges with writing and felt that Andres’ teachers weren’t able to help enough. Although Andres was about to enter the third grade, he was unable to write in complete sentences. Andres had been diagnosed with dyslexia. Although his teachers believed that the issue would get better on its own, Griselda had noticed his struggles worsening.

Diana agreed to work with Andres to improve his writing and reading. Through attending LINC Cares’ Summer Literacy Program and working individually with Diana on his spelling and writing, Andres’ skills have improved significantly. Griselda has noticed the progress in Andres’ writing and is proud to see that he is able to write in complete sentences!

Andres’ writing: before and after