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LINC Cares provides dynamic services to enhance the lives of the families, seniors and people with special needs who live in our communities. Our programs are offered at no cost right where residents live — which uniquely positions LINC Cares to create positive outcomes and opportunities among the households we serve. Activities include: After-School and Summer Programs, Health Classes, Job Skills, Financial Literacy, Social Events, Nature Outings, and Arts and Culture Activities as well as Fieldtrips. We also promote environmentally sustainable living throughout our programs including workshops on green household practices.

We are intentional in developing activities and interventions that lead to specific outcomes for our residents. Each program is designed with mechanisms that measure the impact of services. In addition to providing high-quality programming, LINC Cares brings together volunteers and charitable foundations to help build on our residents’ strengths. In so doing, we all work together to create stronger communities.

To support this effort, Resident Service Coordinators are assigned directly to communities to build relationships with residents, assess needs, provide resources, and coordinate volunteers to facilitate LINC Cares life-enhancing services.

Community Events
BBQ’s, movie nights, games, ice cream socials, block parties, emergency preparedness workshops, intergenerational activities, and special holiday celebrations are a few examples of resident on-site events. These activities are planned and organized with residents and volunteers so they are truly “community events.”