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Apartments for homeless veterans set to open in Beaumont in July
Record Gazette, June 22, 2018
By Julie Farren

The Illinois Avenue apartments for low-income veterans are still available for those seeking three-bedroom accommodations in Beaumont.

Now renamed as Liberty Village at 735 Illinois Avenue, the Beaumont apartments are anticipated to open at the end of June, with move-ins in July, according to Holly Ferris, owner of Ferris Communications.

Applications are being processed daily, said Ferris.

Thirty-eight apartments were built, with 21 for veterans with families and 17 for veterans experiencing homelessness.

As of June 18, there are 11 three-bedroom apartments that are “general affordable” for veterans earning 30 to 60 percent of the area median income.

A grand opening celebration is set for 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 24, with Beaumont Mayor Nancy Carroll expected to attend.

The veterans can qualify for the apartments based on their income. Three-bedroom apartments can range from $438 to $941 a month.

The one-bedroom apartments range from $562 to $683 a month.

Amenities include a community room, a courtyard, computer center and laundry facilities.

The apartments are on Illinois Avenue, between Sixth and Eighth streets.

The veterans housing was constructed by LINC Housing in California, which is based in Long Beach.

The Beaumont apartments are LINC’s first project for veterans.

The project cost $16.4 million. The apartments have high-efficiency air conditioning and heating, low-flow plumbing fixtures and high performance windows and features on the wall that flash and alert the hearing-impaired that there is a visitor at the front door.

LINC Cares, a resident services program, will provide on-site support services and case management for the veterans. There will be social and educational programs for all residents.

Information on the apartments is at www.linchousing.org/beaumont. Questions can be directed to: Illinois@jsco.net.

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