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Green Activities
LINC’s board and staff are leading the way among nonprofit housing developers by using LEED certifiable building methods in all our pipeline communities, ensuring healthy living environments and a “triple bottom line” for residents, our organization, and the environment.
LEED Gold Certification
Mosaic Gardens at Westlake received a LEED for Homes Gold certification in January 2019.

LINC Housing’s Mosaic Gardens at Pomona was honored with two sustainability awards in 2018. USGBC-LA awarded the 46-unit community with its Sustainable Innovations Award in the Social Equity Category for demonstrated excellence in design and construction. The Building Industry Association, Baldy View (BIA BV) also awarded Mosaic Gardens at Pomona the Southern California Edison Energy Efficiency Award, which is awarded to builders who create remarkable examples of sustainable housing.

Multi-Site Solar
In 2018, LINC completed an industry-first multi-site solar development project which added new solar photovoltaic systems at five LINC properties by aggregating them as one project to leverage tax credits and available incentive programs as part of a new financing structure. This project increases portfolio performance by leveraging green retrofits and reducing operating costs, reduces resident energy costs, and includes a solar job training component. The project was co-developed with National Housing Trust Renewable, and received grant support from Enterprise Community Partners.


LEED Platinum Certification
Mosaic Gardens at Pomona received a LEED for Homes Platinum certification in April 2018.

Hanley Award
In December 2017, LINC Housing was honored with the fourth annual Hanley Award for Community Service in Sustainability from the Hanley Foundation and Hanley Wood. The award, with its $25,000 grant, recognizes community-based and nonprofit organizations working to advance sustainability and environmental awareness. LINC's work is highlighted in the December 2017 issue of Hanley Wood's Builder magazine.


The Hanley Award for Community Service recognizes the efforts of organizations working to providing housing that is affordable, sustainable and healthy; expanding community awareness in sustainability and environmental issues through education and/or demonstration projects; developing and advocating for innovations in local and regional policies affecting sustainability; and creating sustainable public buildings that advance community awareness. Read more.


LEED Platinum Certification
Mosaic Gardens at Willowbrook received a LEED Platinum certification in July 2017.

The Village at Beechwood Moves Toward Near Net-Zero
LINC is proud of our landmark research project underway for near net-zero energy upgrades in Lancaster, sponsored by the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program. SEED Partners and our partners including Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are maximizing efficiency and renewable energy to benefit the environment and LINC’s residents. Learn more.
The Village at Beechwood

LEED Platinum Certification
Mosaic Gardens at Huntington Park received a LEED Platinum certification in September 2014.


Better Buildings Challenge
LINC is a proud participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge alongside leading companies, universities, school districts, multifamily housing organizations, and state and local governments. As part of the Better Buildings Challenge, we are committing to reduce the energy used across our building portfolios by 20% or more by 2020. Check out the City Gardens showcase of solutions and results

Better Buildings Challenge

Healthy Homes Challenge Video
LINC Cares is launching the Healthy Homes Challenge with our residents! Check out the video below to see what LINC residents are learning and how you too can make easy changes to have a healthy and sustainable home:


Obama and Hunter Shake on Solar
With LINC’s President and CEO Hunter Johnson in attendance, President Obama announced strategies to create jobs and cut carbon pollution through energy efficiency and renewable energy. LINC is highlighted as a leader in the President’s fact sheet outlining the White House’s commitment to advance solar and energy efficiency. In addition to improving efficiency through retrofits, LINC is working to meet the President’s 100 MW goal for renewables on government subsidized buildings. Hunter’s Globama tee shirt captured the President’s attention — and gained some laughs with a handshake for Hunter.


Introducing SEED Partners
In January 2014, we introduced our SEED Partners logo. SEED is our mission-driven energy services company that is transforming existing multi-family housing communities. To start, SEED focused on sustainable retrofits of LINC’s expanding portfolio. SEED will also help other owners with retrofitting their properties. Each retrofitted property will become more energy efficient, and support a “quadruple bottom line” that reduces residents’ utility costs and creates healthier living conditions, saves building owners money on operations, benefits the environment by reducing each building’s carbon footprint, and helps California meet its goal of reducing green house gasses to 1990 levels.

SEED Partners

Citi Innovation Fund
LINC is pleased to announce we have been awarded a 2013 Citi Innovation Fund grant to support our efforts in green retrofitting multifamily housing! Our green team is excited to partner with Citi as we work to expand financial tools available to multifamily owners and continue retrofitting LINC’s portfolio.


Sustainability Project Manager
In March 2013, LINC hired our first Sustainability Project Manager to further our goals of achieving the highest industry standards in sustainability and energy efficiency for our portfolio.


LEED Platinum Certification
Mosaic Gardens at Whittier received a LEED Platinum certification in January 2013.

LEED Platinum Certification
The Palace in Long Beach received a LEED Platinum certification in October 2012.

Fannie Mae Green Refinance Plus Loan
In May 2012, LINC Housing closed a first-of-its-kind Fannie Mae Green Refinance Plus loan for its 274-unit City Gardens Apartments in Santa Ana. The $19.4 million loan enabled LINC to retire tax exempt bonds, buyout the Low Income Housing Tax Credit equity partner, and finance property improvements. Enterprise Community Investment services the loan, which it originated and underwrote.

LEED Platinum Certification
SEASONS at Compton received a LEED Platinum certification in April 2012.

Green Collaboration
LINC is part of the National Multifamily Energy Services Collaborative, which leverages green retrofit funding as well as aims to create the standardization of practices and protocols for the green retrofit of affordable multi-family housing. In May 2012, the group received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s prestigious Energy Innovation Fund.

LEED Gold Certification
East Street Senior Apartments in Redding received a LEED Gold certification in April 2011.

Green Supporters
LINC is grateful for the many organizations that have supported our green efforts including Citi Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and The Home Depot Foundation.

LEED Gold Certification
SEASONS at San Juan Capistrano II received a LEED Gold certification in June 2010.

Las Flores Fountain Project
LINC Housing along with S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, the art museum for the environment, led the Las Flores Fountain Tile Project. Twenty-four children who live in the apartment complex participated in the hands-on tile workshops. They learned about caring for the environment, while creating the colorful clay flowers. The earth-friendly tiles have transformed the courtyard fountain into a work of art.

PepperWood Apartment Homes, Rancho Cucamonga
What’s good for your health, the environment, and your wallet all at the same time? A Pepperwood apartment! LINC Housing has brought the latest in green technology to all 230 apartments to help make “home” a more healthy and earth-friendly place to love. Read more about it!

Green Websites – Great green resources. Click here.

Go Green Days
LINC Cares is conducting “Go Green Day” events. Residents get to participate in hands-on demonstrations and learn about how they can make a positive impact on the environment. Every tenant receives a reusable bag filled with natural cleaning products, plus a Clean Green recipe booklet. LINC Cares is planning events this spring to get more residents involved and have fun while helping the planet!

LINC’s Green Quiz —Test your knowledge with friends and family with our Green Quiz.
Download: Green Quiz
Download: Green Quiz Answers

Beechwood Apartments Garden Project
The Village at Beechwood in Lancaster, has begun a garden project with the children of the property. Both flowers and vegetables have been planted to create a lovely green area in the complex’s courtyard. Our young residents are enjoying watching their efforts grow!