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Seasons at the Hoover adapted the historic but run-down Hoover Hotel in Whittier, California, into a 50 housing units for low-income seniors. Vista Communities and LINC Housing created this $7 million project with the strong financial support of the City of Whittier and Los Angeles County.


A Whittier businessman opened the Hoover Hotel in 1929 to spur development in the city’s Uptown business district. Its 100 rooms and elegant ballroom became the “in spot” for travelers and locals alike in this community, 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

However, like many downtowns, the area around the Hoover declined after World War II. Local retailers struggled to compete with the large freeway-oriented malls, and Uptown deteriorated physically and economically, particularly after an earthquake in 1987. The Hoover became a single-room occupancy hotel home that attracted indigents, and its ballroom became a bar and pool hall. The Hotel was not only an eyesore, but also a major impediment to investment in the central business district.

Project Description:

The rebirth of the Hoover Hotel was tied closely to Whittier officials’ search for ways to improve conditions for low-income and elderly residents. After the development team purchased the building in 1999, it approached the City with a proposal for affordable senior housing and asked for assistance. The City eagerly supported plans for rehabilitation and provided financial help. Construction began in August of 2000 and faced a number of challenges. Project managers had to combine nine funding sources, including both public and private dollars. Though money was limited, they wanted to preserve the beauty of the building, update mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, adapt the floor plan from single hotel rooms to functional apartment spaces, and install modern fire and life-safety systems.   Continue »

Seasons at the Hoover in Whittier, CA: 50 units of housing for low-income seniors.