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LINC’s History
California’s population reached 36.5 million in 2007 and is expected to climb to 49 million by the year 2025. Even with the ups and downs of our economy, California continues to be the land of opportunity for immigrants, techies, entertainers, engineers, farmers and their families…and they all need housing.

Visionaries in government and business realized that with the escalating price of land, certain segments of the population would be left behind with no hope to own or even rent a place to live: retired teachers and service sector personnel, and young working families in both California’s urban and rural economies. In 1984, the Southern California Association of Governments formed a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization they named the Corporate Fund for Housing (CFH), and selected a board of directors comprised of government and business leaders that would see the way toward securing affordable homes for these vital members of our growing economy.

Building on the experience and relationships gained in these early developments, CFH formed a new entity, LINC Housing, with an expanded mission, staff, and service area. LINC is an acronym for Limited Income Communities. LINC creates and preserves housing with careful attention paid to quality design, environmental sustainability and life-enhancing resident services. We have developed a wide variety of affordable homes through new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of at-risk housing, historic preservation, and purchase of manufactured home parks. Each is unique to its neighborhood and the residents who call it home. To date, LINC has helped create more than 7,800 affordable homes in 76 communities throughout California.

As we enter our 34th year of service to California communities, we are grateful for the support of the many people and businesses that partner with us to make it possible. Our board and staff are energized with new vision for design and finance. We will continue to break new ground in ways to serve our California communities through housing.

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